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Carnival Individual Cruise Booking 

We will help you save time, energy and money all while avoiding the stress of vacation planning. It is our desire and pleasure to ensure that your dream of sailing on a Carnival Cruise whether for the first time or a repeat time  is amazing and memorable for years to come. 


Each month, we only work with 12 new clients to ensure that we are serving our clients need in the most efficient and effective way. To get started, you only will need to pay a deposit of $25.00 per person of the $75.00 planning fee to get started with our Cruise Planning Service. Your Carnival Cruise booking will be secured with the remaining planning fee and the down payment payment. 


Upon receiving the desired itinerary and price quote from us, you will have 7 days to confirm the booking with the remaining planning fee and  down payment or the planning process ends. The $25 per person deposit becomes a future credit towards the planning fee for any carnival sailing up to one year.


Let's Get Started with Booking Your Carnival Cruise

Carnival Group    Cruise Booking

Are you looking to plan a Group Booking with for your family and friends but, you are are feeling overwhelmed, allow us to help take the stress away from you and plan a memorable vacation for your family and friends. 


Our cruise experts will provide you personalized support and assistance to ensure that your group cruise planning is as smooth as possible. 


What to Expect 


1. Once we receive your completed intake form, we will present you with cruise options available to fit your request within 48 - 72 hours.


2. Once you have selected a sailing, the group leader must secure their individual booking with a deposit within 10 days after the sailing has been selected, once secured we will create a custom booking page for each of your guest with all the necessary information about the itinerary, sailing dates, cabins types available, pricing and payment options.


3.  Once your guest have booked their cabin we will provide them with automatic monthly reminders making it simple for each person to pay for their trip. 


4. We will also send each of your booked guest  an email with helpful tips on booking excursions, internet packages, cheer packages, specialty dining and packing advice.


Booking a Carnival Group Cruise offers a range of benefits and the opportunity to create the most amazing lasting memories with your family and friends. RAK Legacy Travel will handle all the details for just $75.00. By allowing us to take control of the planning will allow you to sit back relax and prepare for your amazing trip. 


Important Notes 


a. The group leader must secure their individual booking within 10 days of deciding on the sailing.


b. The group will have up to 20 days to secure their cabin after the booking link is shared to ensure the locked in pricing. 

c. The custom booking link will not be created until the group leader secures their cabin. No Exceptions


Down Payment Guidelines ( No Exception)


Cruise Duration                Deposit Required 

2-3 Days                              $100 USD per person 

4-5 Days                              $150 USD per person 

6-9 Days                              $250 USD per person


Cancellation Fee: Carnival's Cancellation Guidelines plus $50.00 per person


*** Each Month, We only work with 3 new clients***


***Anything less than 8 cabins doesn't qualify as a group booking and could cause an increase in price per cabin.***

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